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PhotoSome law firms may claim to handle a wide variety of legal matters, but rarely take cases to trial. William B. Mills, on the other hand, regularly tries cases and has a track record of favorable outcomes. He represents clients in a range of practice areas, including criminal law, family law and other areas of civil litigation such as probate litigation. He regularly takes cases to appeal and pursues other forms of post-conviction relief in both criminal and civil matters.

Whether he is defending someone in a municipal court after that person received a traffic ticket or preparing a divorce client for a challenging hearing about property division or child custody, William B. Mills takes every case and every client with utmost seriousness. His years of experience and depth of knowledge are complemented by sharp analytical skills and personalized legal services.

Litigation is not the only forte of our Catoosa County law firm. Attorney William B. Mills also advises clients on matters such as estate planning, prenuptial agreements and business startups. He understands that a well-crafted contract or health care directive can prevent disputes and ensure that an individual's wishes are respected when challenges arise.

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