Keen Guidance With Estate Planning And Probate

photoWhether you seek to put your own affairs in order through a will and trusts or you are assuming responsibility for a family member's end-of-life care or estate administration, William B. Mills P.C. in Catoosa County, Georgia, is a trustworthy source of information and help.

We advise, assist and represent clients in a wide variety of legal issues pertaining to probate and estates, including:

Depending on specific circumstances, our client in an estate planning or probate matter may be any of the following:

  • An individual seeking to formalize documentation of his or her wishes for end-of-life care and/or distribution of assets after death
  • An adult child of an elderly or recently deceased person in Georgia
  • A personal representative or executor responsible for distribution of assets after a death
  • An elderly or disabled person whose family members or other responsible parties have sought guardianship

Why Choose Us?

Many law firms provide estate planning and probate services. William B. Mills P.C. in Ringgold stands out in the north Georgia area and beyond for several key reasons. We have been providing wills for more than 30 years. No will prepared by William B. Mills P.C. has been ruled unenforceable in a probate court. We prepare wills inexpensively. We represent clients in probate hearings involving disputes. We are ready to serve you and look forward to the opportunity to explain how we can customize our services to your needs.

Discuss Wills And Estates Or Related Issues With A North Georgia Lawyer

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