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Seeking Justice After A Conviction

The end of a trial is not necessarily the end of a legal matter. Sometimes, there are compelling reasons to appeal a court’s decision or to seek post-conviction modifications or relief. William B. Mills, P.C., often brings both civil and criminal appeals and seeks other types of post-conviction actions such as habeas corpus.

Experienced Appellate Attorney

Our lawyer has more than a decade of experience with criminal cases. He has also handled well over 1,000 criminal matters. he has also had notable successes in post-conviction cases, including appeals and petitions for modifications of case outcomes and/or court orders.

We appeal on behalf of our clients, as well as for clients who were represented by another attorney at trial. We work zealously on behalf of clients who suffered appealable errors during their trial and our substantial experience with all stages of criminal cases, fro pre-trial hearings to appellate arguments, allows us to identify appealable issues and craft strong arguments for our clients.

Examples Of Post-Conviction Matters

Have you been on probation for several years with no additional legal troubles? You may be a stellar candidate to request a probation modification, including early termination of your probation.

After receiving a court order, has new information come to light that might have brought about a different outcome if it had been uncovered in time? William B. Mills, P.C., examines justifications for reconsideration of a court order and finds ways to compel a court to reconsider the outcome.

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